Fiberglass Designs

We are one of the few companies that install fiberglass pools into people’s back yards. We have been doing so for 14 years without a single pool giving us any problems and therefore we offer you experience, many referalls, and a strong backing of our products and installation. A fiberglass is a little more money up front because we use a crane to install, however, they have shown to save our customers approx. 10k every 10 years over a vinyl pool installation. This is because they do not need a liner, and also they don’t lose anywhere near the heat from the sides of the pool walls compared to a vinyl liner pool which has steel walls. These steel walls remain at below grade temperatures and absorb the heat from the water into the cold steel. This does not happen with fiberglass which creates a much more efficient pool.

Cosmetically, the pools are stunningly beautiful and modern. The sparkle finishes are like looking at a bunch of stars from the bottom of the pool in the daylight.

They also offer very unique features like sitting benches and inset tanning ledges so you or your guests could enjoy a drink from the pool while socializing with others on the patio.

Fiberglass is the new Vinyl Liner.

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